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Our office is based in San Diego and our contractors are spread throughout Southern California. We conveniently provide services in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego areas.


What Our Clients Say.

With a busy work schedule, there is never time to do all the research necessary to find the right contractor. I put my trust in Local Home Contractors when shingles started falling off my roof and they helped me find a local roofing contractor to replace my roof. I am very satisfied with their service

-  John Alva  

Downey, CA

I found out about the Local Home Contractors by asking my neighbor how they located a contractor to paint their house. I then contacted Local Home Contractors and they sent me a licensed contractor to paint my house. The contractor was very professional and made my house look so beautiful. Next time I have another project I will definitely contact Local Home Contractors to help me find a contractor.

-  Francisco Diaz

South Gate, CA 

Local home contractors helped me find a local contractor to replace my driveway.

-  Bruce Blake

Whittier, CA  

Local Home Contractors helped me find a painter to paint my house and I'm very pleased with the results.

-  Jesse Vasquez

Lynwood, CA    

I have a new roof with a 50 warranty. Thanks, Local Home Contractors for your help. At first, we were hesitant to ask Local Home Contractors for help in getting our roof replaced but since the service was free we decided we had nothing to lose.

-  Luz Santiago

Whittier, CA    


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